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Rent an electric vehicle for a couple of days to try it

Discover the Electric Revolution with Brossard Hyundai

An extended Hyundai EV test drive to help you decide

Embrace the electric revolution with Brossard Hyundai's unique EValuate program, designed to provide an unparalleled test drive experience for potential electric vehicle (EV) owners. Going electric has never been easier, as our program enables you to explore the true potential of cutting-edge EVs like the Kona Electric and the Ioniq 5. With EValuate, you can immerse yourself in the world of electric vehicles and gain invaluable insights to help you make an informed decision about your next eco-friendly vehicle purchase.

The EValuate program transcends the boundaries of a traditional test drive. By renting one of our state-of-the-art EVs for 2-5 days, you gain a genuine understanding of what it's like to own and drive an electric vehicle on a daily basis. Plus, when you're ready to commit to purchasing an electric vehicle from Brossard Hyundai, we'll offset most, if not all, of the rental fee against the purchase price, providing you with a significant financial advantage and making the transition to an electric vehicle even more appealing.

Seamless EV Booking and Cancellation Experience

Booking your EValuate experience is a breeze with the Turo app – Canada's largest car-sharing platform that simplifies the entire process. Choose your preferred EV, schedule your test drive, and manage your booking, all through the user-friendly app. Plus, you can cancel your booking for free up to 24 hours before your trip, providing you with unmatched flexibility and peace of mind during your electric vehicle exploration journey.

Experience Life with an Electric Vehicle

Our innovative EValuate program allows you to drive the EV as if it were your own, entirely pressure-free. Explore the lifestyle of owning an electric vehicle, determine its range capabilities, and familiarize yourself with charging options and the associated infrastructure. This invaluable experience will help you gauge the practicality of an electric vehicle for your unique needs and preferences, ensuring you make the best choice for your lifestyle and driving habits.

Get Started with Ease and Support

If you're considering making the switch to an electric vehicle, the EValuate program is your gateway to a cleaner, eco-friendly future. Simply contact Brossard Hyundai, and our dedicated team will guide you through every step of the process, from booking your test drive to picking up and returning the vehicle. We're here to support you in your journey towards sustainable mobility and to ensure your experience is both enjoyable and informative.

Ready to hit the road on the South Shore of Montreal and in Montérégie?

Charge Up with Confidence and Convenience

Hyundai and Turo have teamed up with ChargeHub to enhance your EValuate test drive experience even further. Receive $25 in charging credits on the ChargeHub app with each booking on Turo, ensuring you can conveniently power up your EV during your test drive. With over 8,500 charging stations across Canada, ChargeHub simplifies EV charging by providing a comprehensive network of charging points, ensuring you can plug in with peace of mind during your test drive and experience the full benefits of electric vehicle ownership.

Rent an electric vehicle from Brossard Hyundai with Turo

The all-new Ioniq 5

The IONIQ 5 marks the debut of the all-new range of fully electric vehicles at Hyundai. A 5-minute charge will allow you to reach a range of more than 100 km and an estimated range of 480 km when fully charged.

Rent an Ioniq 5 short term

The new KONA Electric

With its dynamic design, astonishing battery life and a host of technological innovations, the new KONA electric meets all the expectations of those who wish to enjoy the advantages of this impressive electric vehicle.

Rent a Kona EV short term

Program terms & conditions:
To be eligible for the EValuate Purchase Rebate, at the time of purchase you must present a TURO rental receipt with a rental duration of at least 2 days.

  • Customers must provide the TURO Rental receipt with a rental duration of at least 2 days to receive special after-tax discount off their purchase.
  • EValuate Purchase Rebate cannot be stacked with Hyundai Loyalty rebate.
  • EValuate Purchase Rebate must be applied to a purchase or firm vehicle factory order made within 3 months of the end of the customer’s TURO rental period.
  • Rebate cannot be applied after the purchase has been made.
  • Rebate can be extended from the person who rented with TURO to family members sharing the same mailing address. Proof of a shared address is required.
  • Except as noted above, EValuate Purchase Rebate is non-transferable and cannot be assigned.
  • Only one Evaluate Purchase Rebate may be redeemed per transaction and each rebate may only be used once.
  • Final pricing of the vehicle to which the EValuate Purchase Rebate is applied will be subject to administration, freight, delivery and destination, registration, insurance, license fees, PPSA† and all other applicable fees, levies, charges and taxes. †Personal Property Security Act.
Inventory is limited, so Brossard Hyundai may require to order. EValuate Purchase Rebate Program is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Offer only available in Canada.

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